api.kde.org relaunched

In the last days, Adrian, Allen and I finally got around to move api.kde.org to the EBN server. A natural move, since ktown was overloaded anyway and nightly apidox generation had thus been disabled to save resources. On the other hand, the EBN server builds the docs on a nightly basis anyway, so we moved the site there.

New features in brief:

  • Nightly up-to-date apidocs for KDE 3.5 and 4.0
  • Search for classes now direcly possible
  • Docs for most libs in extragear and kdesupport

There are a couple of issues that still needs fixing, but is a great start into better accessible api docs.

2 Comments on “api.kde.org relaunched

  1. Well, I’d say that danimo jumped the gun, but yes, api.kde.org has relaunched. This leverages the work that we do with the EBN — rebuilding the API documentation twice a day (and doing it inefficiently, too, so we could conceivably handle much more frequ