Näkemiin! Minulla oli mukavaa!

Just in case the title strikes you as odd: It’s finnish and it basically means “Goodbye! I had a great time!” (well, at leastt according to my dictionary). Right now we are sitting in the lobby of the StayAt Hotel in Leppävaara, Espoo waiting for the bus to the airport and fighting the hangover from yesterdays farewell party. The last two week definately were unforgettable and great fun. Tonight I am returning to Germany, hopefully getting some more KDE-related stuff done. Goodbye.

Report: Release-Party in Bonn

Cocktail “KDE 4.0 Blue Lagoon”


2cl Vodka
1-2cl Blue Curacao
2cl Cream
10cl Pinapple Juice
4cl Cream of Coconut
1-2 Ice Cubes


Shake well. Decorate glass with a an orance slice. Before slicing the orange, cut and peel vertical stripes off the orange. This creates a nice gear look. Serve with a black straw.

For the non-alcoholic version, use blue curacao sirup and more juice instead of blue curacao and vodka. If you try a bit, you can create a color gradient with the coconut cream, which creates the lagoon effect.

To sum it up: it was an awesome party. We had a decently filled location, which surprised me because this particular party was announced less than one week in advance.

Starting at about 19:00 o’clock local time we saw a great show: Aaron giving an awesome keynote, Benjamin presenting KDE 4.0 apps on the Mac and Holger showing off KDE 4.0 on Windows in the typical understatement way of people from northern Germany :-). Thanks to Google for recording, Franz for organizing the streaming, and Dirk for getting a server capable of actually delivering the stream.

Keynote from the Bonn perspective: Aaaron rocking the show

To me that keynote (which we will hopefully soon be seeing on Youtube), was en par with the ones the Steve’s of this IT world deliver, just a lot warmer and more honest. Yet Aaron managed to present the incredible achievement that is KDE 4.0 in an amazing way.

After the keynote finished, the attendees had time to test KDE 4.0 and discuss various issues. As a special plus for those attending our party, we offered a special “KDE 4.0 Blue Lagoon Cocktail”, which was very well received. (recipe on the right, sorry for the crappy pic). Thanks go to Peter for organizing beer, Natascha for doing an excellent job as a bar tender, the Netzladen for hosting and to AurISP and PBR Systems for providing a projector for everyone to follow the keynote.

Oh, and Qt is (also) GPLv3 now. Yay!

Party-Raum, erster Streich

Ja, das mit dem Streichen kommt so hin. Was macht man mit einem Raum, den eigentlich keiner braucht, der eigentlich als Kinderzimmer gedacht ist und der für eine gemütliche Couch zu klein ist? Richtig, man richtet eine Bar ein.

Wir haben den Raum erstmal von einem intensiven und fiesen Orangeton befreit und machen uns jetzt daran, die Wände mit Wischtechnik schön zu gestalten. An einer Wand prangert (seit heute vollständig) dieses Logo, dass die Atmosphäre noch besser rüberbringen dürfte: