Ubuntu's Quest for OpenSUSE Developers

Mark, I don’t think it’s a good strategy to go on a hunt for OpenSUSE developers that way. Saying that Novell did wrong is one thing, but this kind of PR leaves a bad taste.

I switched from OpenSUSE to Kubuntu about half a year ago (for purely technical reasons, I should add). If you want to win the hearts and minds of OpenSUSE developers and users, better look at whats important to them.

I had a friend (longtime SUSE user) calling me recently asking why it was so hard to configure (K)Ubuntu to dial up via modem or ISDN (very popular in germany). There isn’t even a (decent!) graphical frontend for PPPoE (DSL) in (K)Ubuntu by default. No troubles with OpenSUSE and YaST there. So this is really a step backwards for people who want to use Ubuntu.

Thus I will forwards my friends question here: What is so Ubuntu, so human about keeping migration-willing people from basic things like the Internet? If Canonical and the (K)Ubuntu community can solve tho problems behind this and other questions that OpenSUSE users pose, I think it’s much simpler to draw users (and a lot of them are also developers!) to (K)Ubuntu. Actively joining into the “Novell-is-evil” choir doesn’t help anyone. I hope we can see more ubuntuness towards non-router users in Feisty Fawn.

If you liked FrOSCon 2006, you will LOVE this one…

FrOSCon 2007! The date has been published quite a while ago. Still I don’t want to miss the chance to remind everyone to return to Sankt Augustin (near Bonn, Germany) to enjoy the great community feeling a second time.

Please mark those days in your calendar:

August 25th/26th, 2007

Note the new time slot. If you are in doubt, ask this years participants. And don’t miss the date ­čÖé .

PS: If you are an open source project (let’s say… a group of KDE hackers ;)) looking a good place to crank up your productivity with a face-to-face-meeting: FrOSCon will be glad to host it. The location makes it easy to get here from the BeNeLux countries, too. If you are interested, contact the FrOSCon staff.

Konzert in der FH

Ich bin gestern nach langem Lernen und dem zweiw├Âchentlichen FS-Lab-Treffen noch bis 11 Uhr in der FH geblieben. Warum? Weil dort der Chor der FH und die FH-Band ein Konzert in der Hochschulstra├če gegeben haben. Mein Eindruck: Vor allem die Band war gro├če Klasse. Die Leads├Ąnger waren prima und vor allem Nina hat eine super Stimme.

Der Chor war zwar selber gut, aber scheinbar haben die Techniker noch nie was von Soundcheck geh├Ârt. Das die B├╝hne in in unendlichen Weiten Hochschulstra├če zeigte, statt wie die WM-Leinwand in Richtung Glasfenster war ebenfalls (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes) nicht wirklich verst├Ąndlich. Vermutlich h├Ątte das aber zu einem erheblich besseren Klangerlebnis beigetragen.

Der Fotograf war ├╝brigens niemand anders als Thomas Reitelbach, bekannt aus dem KDE ├ťbersetzerteam und der BoLUG. Er hat mir versprochen, ein paar ausgew├Ąhlte Bilder des Abends zur Verf├╝gung zu stellen. Ich werde sie dann zu gegebener Zeit bloggen.

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