Introducing Improved Project Collaboration with ownCloud Central

New York Grand Central Terminal June 2013 - 5 The ownCloud community has long suffered from a gap between users and developers:

  • In the forum (and to a lesser extend on the user mailinglist and IRC), a lot of regular volunteers have very successfully covered users’ issues in getting up to speed.
  • On the mailing lists and on GitHub, sometimes miles high above and in a mostly disjointed community developers have been developing away.

Between the two, there has been a big divide that was unsatisfying. Also neither Forums nor Mailing lists are a good fit for agile communities these days.

So let’s fix this! The forum moderators and sysadmins, have long been wanting to move off our old trusted forum for this reason, and had decided to use Discourse. Now we finally have a new host, courtesy of ownCloud GmbH, to carry a successor.

Please welcome: ownCloud Central!

I want to give a big shout out to RealRancor and tflidd, who have done terrific work on migrating the FAQs and vital articles to the new platform. Next, we’ll put the forum into read-only mode and will archive its contents. ownCloud Central will take over. We also migrated all accounts from the old forum. Let’s continue to make ownCloud awesome together!