Life is great and so is Berlin

So people asked under which stone I have been hiding lately. Of course exams cannot be the excuse for everything, so I present you another one:reallife. It has really hit me badly on this rather nice spring.

In other news, Trolltech sent along my nicest birthday present last night: My contract. So it’s finally official: I’ll be doing an internship at Trolltechs Berlin Office in Adlershof for 10 weeks starting July, 1st.

Now I am looking for a room in Friedrichshain. If you have any hints, sent them along privately or add a comment.

3 Comments on “Life is great and so is Berlin

  1. Congratulations!

    Be aware of the fact that Friedrichshain is one of the most prominent OPAL (“Optische Anschlussleitung”) area in Germany, so double check if you can get fast internet (i.e. ADSL) before signing your tenancy agreement.

  2. Thanks for your hint! I am aware about that fact though, because I have a couple of friends living in this area. As a matter of fact, it seems that all of the german KDE hackers seem to concentrate around Berlin lately 😉

  3. Welcome to Berlin 🙂

    An alternative to DSL is Internet via cable, see Kabel Deutschland for offers. It’s reasonably priced (The decision DSL vs. Cable mostly depends on if you need a festnetzanschluss or cable for TV anyway I think ).

    Till told me that he suggested me as WG search expert in F’hain – that’s not exactly true anymore, as my former Zwischenmiete flat share is filled up again. But I suggest,, for searching WGs (both temporary and permanent) – there are lots of offers usually.