New Planet, new Domain

It took a bit longer than anticipated (sorry about that), but now it’s finally done: Planet Qt got a face lift, and is now hosted with the Qt Foundation. Just like Planet KDE which it was greatly inspired by (thanks to Jonathan Riddell!), it’s now based on RawDog, rather than on the aging PlanetPlanet. But how does that affect you, the inclined reader or contributor to the planet:

If you are a reader, nothing much has changed, except that the URL for the RSS feed has changed and we now get FOAF and OPML for free. You might need to remove duplicate elements from your feed reader, sorry about that. We also decided to redirect to for consistency with the other foundation’s activities.

If you are a contributor, and want your blog aggregated, you can do so by simply following the guide lines on the side bar:

All who blog in English about Qt can either add their complete RSS feed or a feed based on a specific category or tag for those blogging about multiple topics. All you need to do is clone the Planet Qt repository, add your feed’s address, and put your change up for review.

That’s right, adding feeds now works via the usual review process. If you are a contributor, and a Reviewer can be convinced that your blog is relevant for PlanetQt, it will be added. For now this involves a manual update on the server still, but if we see no abuse we might just as well automate this process.

The same is true if you want to improve the layout: Just checkout the repository (you will need Python, though) and test it yourself, tweaking it to your liking and then submit the result as a patch.

Finally, big hands to Ben Meyer, who has been hosting this web site for so long!

And now: Enjoy the new PlanetQt!

7 Comments on “New Planet, new Domain

  1. Hmm, sometimes still seems to be wrong with the order of the feeds.
    I just published ‘QML Engine Internals, Part 2: Bindings’, yet the planet shows ‘QML Engine Internals, Part1: QML File Loading’ at the top.
    For some reason this works correctly on Planet KDE, so maybe some config option that differs between the two planets?

  2. They should have been there in the first place. Now they are. Still not sure about the root problem though.