KDE 4.0 @ Chaos Radio Express

Last Friday, before the KDE 4.0 release event, Tim Pritlove, host of the Chaos Radio Express Podcast (Subscribe) asked me if we could do an episode on KDE 4.0, as he was staying in Bonn. The result is a one hour show called Chaos Radio Express 68. It is a bit more technical than the one conducted earlier with Sebas, but also more chaotic, due to its spontaneous nature (We recorded it one hour before the first guests kicked in to celebrate and watch the video stream from Moutain View). It also references the episode on usability and interaction design with Peter Sikking and Ellen.

Unfortunately for all international readers of this blog, Chaos Radio is a podcast in German language, but luckily there is also Chaos Radio Express International (Subscribe), which provides a broad variety of topics (albeit no show on KDE yet).