Password-Input-Patch FAQ

Instead of individual replys to mails and other blogs, just a quick summary of answers to questions I received:

Q: You claimed QStyle::SH_LineEdit_PasswordCharacter didn’t exist Qt 3, but it does!
A: Yes, I didn’t really consider that to be honest. Mea cupla. Read this blog entry for an explaination.

Q: Can I add this to my style?
A: Sure you can, if you want users with older KDE versions to profit from it. Of course the nicer version would be to put it into KStyle and let everyone have it. But it’s simple and cheap enough to add, maybe with a KDE-Version #ifdef once KDE 3.5.6 is released with that patch.

It seems like the authors of Serenity and Polyester are already hooked. 🙂

Q: Will this be in KDE 3.5.x?
A: Maybe. I will use a patched KDE for a while. If no problems occur, I will ask for inclusion for KDE 3.5.6. Of course Maxim, the current KStyle maintainer, has the last word about it. In general it’s a fairly simple patch that adds less than 20 lines of fairly simple code. Also, the Kubuntu guys already added the patch to the kdelibs package of Feisty.

Update: I just committed the patch to SVN, so it will be part of KDE 3.5.6.