KStyle Pimped

When I wrote my entry on password characters. I thought it was a Qt 4 only thing. I didn’t even bother checking with Qt 3.3. Fortunately, Marco Martin, the author of Polyester asked me if he could use the code in his style. I checked QStyle in Qt 3 and indeed, QStyle::SH_LineEdit_PasswordCharacter is part of the QStyle API since Qt 3.2. My guess is that the Trolls introduced it in order to implement the XP- and/or OS X-styles.

That motivated me to patch KStyle, the base class for all KDE-styles, and look how pretty it is:

(click to enlarge)

PS: thanks go out to the folks who wrote Xephyr, a Xnest replacement capable of Xrender & friends. You guys made nested sessions on X a lot more bearable.

PPS: For all that keep asking: Yes, that means that with this patch, all KDE styles instantly show the new behaviour. Isn’t KDE great? 🙂

2 Comments on “KStyle Pimped

  1. A quick question:
    on my Palm Treo 680 smartphone, a new feature (at least compared to my previous Treo 650 and 600) is that when entering passwords, the last digit entered is always shown.
    So the password field would look like this if I’m halfway typing “password”:
    and when I’m all done it looks like this:
    It makes sense when typing on the somewhat cramped keyboard on the Treo to make sure you type the correct digit, could it be wise to have this feature when logging in to (K)ubuntu as well or do you consider this a feature that reduces security?


  2. Daniel,

    Which font are you using on the screenshort?
    I tried Dejavu, Bitstream Vera and many other (except windows Times New Roman and Liberation) and find it:
    – ● (25cf) too big
    – • (2022) too small

    So I came up with âš« (26ab) which is just nice for many fonts. It looks similar with yours on the screenshort. Could you include that char as well and make it choosable?