Time To Become a Qt Engineer!

Or should I say: “time to become a real Troll”? Yepp, the deadline for my thesis, which I’m currently doing at Qt Software (formally known as Trolltech) is rapidly approaching. So I will now apply for “full membership”. That is, for a job at Qt Software Berlin. And so can you! Nokia’s Qt Software division is looking for even more developers in Berlin, Germany. This is especially good news for those who hesitated to join because Oslo was too far in the north. Berlin is a great city to live in. Take the opportunity to work with these fine people!1)

And if Berlin really isn’t for you, try PSO in Brisbane, Australia or simply search for “Qt” at the Nokia Career Portal to find a lot more Qt-related job opportunities at Nokia around the world. Apply now and send in your resume! Nokia is waiting for you.

1) Not actual people, just photographic representation. Expect even better fidelity when meeting them during your interview.