Exploring Berlin Mitte

So yesterday was the first evening/night for me to look at some things in Berlin. Even though I’ve been here for a couple of times I never really took the time to explore Mitte, so Sven Guckes was kind enough to give me and a guest from Denmark, a tour through the city.

While I usually take the S-Bahn or the Underground, we were using the DB call-a-bike service, as I don’t have a bike on my own here yet. It’s really cool if you need a bike just occasionally, and the bikes had surprisingly good quality. Sven took us through the city, brought us to a good and cheap pizza place and ultimately we ended up iat Dussmann, a big book/cd/cultural stuff store in the famous Friedrichsstraße.

Also, Sven was kind enough to introduce me to the location where our new collegues from Nokia Gate 5 reside:

Photo © 2008 by Sven Guckes

PS: If you happen to get weird crashes with Amarok or any KDE 4 application where the app don’t actually crash, but seem to properly shut down unexpectedly, then don’t use the distributors Qt 4.4.0 packages. I lost almost an entire hour on that, because I was too lazy to compile my own Qt version at home 🙁 .

4 Comments on “Exploring Berlin Mitte

  1. Hmmm, why is that fix not in a qt-copy patch? We’re applying the qt-copy patches in Fedora, so if the fix was there, it would just work. Requiring to rebuild Qt in debug mode can’t really be the right solution.

  2. Hi Danimo

    I´m the guest from Denmark. Couldn´t find you in Dussmann to say thanks for a nice evening., and I was soooo tired I didn´t want to wait.

    Enjoy Berlin. Maybe I´ll see you there.


  3. That’s allright. I just didn’t want to publish your name without knowing you are fine with it. It was nice to meet you. I hope you had a good sleep 🙂