KDE TechBase in Need of Admins

KDE TechBase is the top resource for KDE development specific content. It is an effort originally started by Dominik and me. Since then, we (well, mostly it’s him, while I am in charge of causing all the annoying URL changesupgrades and maintenance) regulary monitor the at TechBase, moving pages into the correct place, hinting people to merge pages with similar content, etc. Even though the TechBase is a Wiki, it needs people that take responsiblity on the overall Layout.

However, Since he will be gone for 3 months and I can’t manage it all on my own, we are in need of more TechBase admins. So if you drew knowledge from TechBase, this is your chance to contribute back.

PS: we also need a fancy name for TechBase admins. Something along the lines of the KDE bug squad. “Techsters” was my first idea but that sounds a bit dull. Anyone?

9 Comments on “KDE TechBase in Need of Admins

  1. I have the best name


    KDE Techbase admin is a dragon rider, isn’t it?

  2. Techbase is weird – why is there both wiki.kde.org and techbase? Surely if you combined them the adminstrative overhead would be lower?

  3. Techbase is supposed to contain only technology-related developer information. The wiki is merely a tool here to keep content up-to-date.

    wiki.kde.org otoh is there for event planning, use infos, etc.