Fixing the net

Greetings from Espoo, Finland, close to Helsinki (Hello Andreas!). We arrived yesterday evening and so far all things are nice. EVTEK welcomed us warmly, and we had a grat first day, including a sightseeing tour to downtown Helsinki. I also survived the lunch (thanks for the warning, #5 from my last entry).

The only situation that the wifi situation sucks pretty much. EVTEK only permits proxied HTTP and the hotel where we are located just switched off the router behind the wireless APs for some reason. Why is it that you always need to fix the network uplink to get proper internet?

PS: Yes I know it’s possible to tunnel, but I want to use the VoIP functionality of my E51, for which only few tunneling mechanisms exist.

4 Comments on “Fixing the net

  1. hi.

    It’s spelled Finland not Finnland 😛
    Anyway the main reason I am here is E51 I just bought one, wondering what VoIP applications you could recommend?

    Is there any other cool applications and is there something good to use in Linux to have the similar stuff as in Nokia Suite?

  2. Sorry, yes, you are right of course. The German name is “Finnland”, so I overlooked the proper english spelling.

    The phone comes with good VoIP support, so I cannot complain. As for cool application: I have ScummVM running (Indy Jones and Monkey Island, yay!) as well as google maps, a podcast client and bombus, an jabber client. Alogn with DB railnavigator which permits to look up and permanently store almost any communting route, this piece of hardware makes me a pretty happy camper.