KDE 4.0 Release Party in Bonn

After Harri started the series of announcements for locations of the KDE 4.0 release party, it’s now up to me:
We’ll have a party on Friday, January 18st, 19 hours. We are partying at the premises of the Bonner Netzladen e.V., a very renown hacker space. We plan to have a live stream from Mountain View and will provide guests with Club Mate, Kölsch and a special surprise drink! Of course, we’ll bring a KDE 4.0 test setup for everyone to play around with.

So if you are from the Cologne/Bonn area (or just closer to Bonn than to any other location, or just like us best…), come and join us. To allow for better planning, please add yourself to the respective Wiki page.