KDE 4.0.0 – The Start of Something Amazing

KDE 4.0 release bannerSo it’s been done: KDE 4.0.0 has just been released. This is not only the end of a long development effort, involving a lot of new ideas and even more sweat and tears in getting a .0 release out. It also marks the beginning of a new age in free desktop computing, new ideas and new technologies, some of which are still emerging and will find their way in later KDE 4 releases.

I was especially impressed with the page of the KDE Games folks, which makes you want KDE 4.0.0 just for the sake of playing some of the games they wrote and polished. A special hats off goes to the new KBattleship maintainer. The new version rocks. In related news, make sure to check the page of the KDE Education project.

So what does the future hold for KDE 4? Obviously, there will be lots of plasma applets and a lot of ported and new applications. Developing for KDE already is and will continously become a lot easier, especially due to the advanced scripting capabilities. To keep the learning curve low, we will do a developer tutorial sprint on TechBase once the dust of the release announcement has settled. And the best thing is: You can make a difference. No matter if you like coding, translations, doing arts or do something we don’t have a position for yet: Get involved and become a part of something amazing.

PS: If you want to celebrate the new release in parallel to the Mountain View event next friday and live in the Cologne/Bonn area, drop me a mail.

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