Hard Knock Outs

Don’t you love it when all your hardware goes on strike almost at the same time?

On Wednesday, my workstations secondary harddisk went on strike, eating (among other things that I had mostly backed up) a report I was working on for quite some days. All lost, sucks. I suspect bad sectors might be the cause. I will get a new harddisk after aKademy, for now I am living with only one.

Just today, 3 workdays before I am leaving for akademy, one my laptops hinges broke. I checked warranty, and the HP website told me that it expired two days ago. Then I called the hotline, faxed the Invoice, and now my warranty is extended until end of this month (the proper expiration date: one year after I actually bought it), and they promised me to send the stuff until monday, so I can fix my laptop before akademy. At least some good news since aKademy without laptop seems a bit pointless…