Pretty pretty

After we decided to merge some improvements from KOrganizer/PI yesterday I finished to check-in the new timebar last night. It looks a lot better now than the old one, which basically only showed hour and seconds at the same font size. Those with 12 hour display will see an am/pm indicator instead of “00”.

In other news: Mosquitos really suck… my blood. It’s really painful. Fortunately a drug store was open today, probably because this part of Holland is close to Belgium, where shops are also open on sundays. I could get some treatment for my stiches/bites, which caused me a fairly sleepless night.

Anyway, things are a lot better now, but I’d still prefer the literal pain in the butt over this pain. Hopefully my feet will somewhat recover in time, because tomorrow I will talk about Kolab and Kontact at Holland Open in Amsterdam as a substitute for Till. I’ll join Will, who is going to talk about Kopete (and was also a victim of the mosquitos, I start to see a pattern here :-). I hope to be back in Germany by tuesday.